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Starting (Chartering) a Chapter


  • A chapter may be established at a two-year college which grants associate degrees and is accredited by the appropriate national or regional accrediting agency.
  • Two-year vocational, technical, and career institutions offering only general or specialized programs for career opportunities shall not be eligible.
  • Student members need NOT be English majors. See FAQ's-eligibility 


  • A group petitioning for chapter charter must be sponsored by a qualified faculty member. The sponsor must be a full-time faculty member and shall have at least one degree in English or a related field.
  • A group petitioning for chapter charter must have the endorsement and approval of the administration of the institution. 


  1. Complete the Petition to Charter form which requires signatures of six (6) persons qualified for active membership. Signatures from faculty members and potential sponsor(s) may be included.
  2. Collect membership dues from all chartering members to send to the national office along with the charter fee.
  3. A letter of approval/endorsement from the college president.
  4. Chartering fee of $50.00. 

Granting a Charter: 

When the Executive Director has received a petition, letter from the college president, and the charter fee, s/he will ascertain that the petition meets the above criteria, issue an official charter (including the local chapter's name) and a handbook (including the induction ceremony, etc.).

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